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Meet Our Volunteers

We wanted to create a safe haven, where people are provided with free meals. A place to sit and have a cuppa, and enjoy some time out” – Joan Sutherland


Australia is a nation of dreamers and doers, home to the pragmatic and the personable. Like many first world nations it is also a country where those in need are often obscured by a general perception of prosperity and fortune.

Joan and Gordon Sutherland founded The Haven (now known as HavenWell) to meet the needs of Perth’s vulnerable who had unexpectedly encountered food and hygiene insecurity. From humble beginnings as a community charity, HavenWell now feeds thousands of Australians every year, based out of its hub in the Old Post Office Building in East Victoria Park.

Today, HavenWell redistributes over 100,000kg annually of fresh food, vegetables and dry stores to support the requirements of those in need of support. It provides referral services, basic home furnishings, hygiene services and emergency food hampers. It acts, as envisioned, as a social hub for those who utilise its services.  

Joan and Gordon continue to work diligently at the heart of HavenWell. Their pleasure at seeing the tangible benefits provided by its growing footprint is tempered by their awareness of the scale of need in our community. As HavenWell continues to evolve and grow with the support of its partner organisations and dedicated volunteers, it aspires to always adhere to its core mission – to provide a safe haven.   


Do you need help?

You are not alone. One in eight Australians live below the poverty line. Many circumstances of need are often temporary. HavenWell can help – our services are free and you can find us five days per week.


There are some set requirements for the use of HavenWell’s services.

Support HavenWell

By donating to HavenWell, you are investing in the food and hygiene security of the broader Perth community and directly assisting those who are most at risk of going without the basics that we can provide.

Every donation makes a meaningful difference to someone in need of support.

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